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Being Indian somewhere we all rely on #Ayurveda and we are blessed with it. @zeroblockofficial is a unique formula compilation of ACV, garlic, ginger and lemon. It is natural FDA approved formula. Ayush approved formulation and recommend by doctors as well.
I bought it for my uncle and must say it served its purpose. No side effects till now.
It regulates heart blockage, cholesterol, B.P, triglycerides. It needs to be taken regularly for 2 months to see results.

Rishu Chaudhary

After having used the product for nearly a month I am writing this review. The product packaging is great and delivery was prompt. I ordered it when I was struggling with severe pain and freezing problems on my left side.
I am a chronic Hypertension patient with twenty years of carrying the disease. By God’s grace, I have been eating a mild tablet to maintain my blood pressure. But for the last three years, I have been plagued with a sedentary lifestyle after having to forcibly leave my active sports life after the age of 38. I am 47 now.

I ordered the product after having read its reviews on other sites also and probably because of their effective Digital Marketing Efforts. I wake up early in the morning and have been religiously following the regime empty stomach and feel that it really helped my strained left side (Had the symptom for the second time since last year). It happens due to a stressful schedule with no exercise.

I completely suggest the product especially in the winters and couple the intake with 3KMs of walk four times a week. I have given a 4-star rating because the price is exorbitant considering there are quite a few ayurvedic ACV products available online.

Rohit Mittal

I have been taking this for more than six months. The benefits are tremendous!! I am a patient with blocks in many arteries big and small including my carotids. Also had a bypass surgery (CABG) in the past and a carotid stent inserted. It should enough for people who are well informed about these. I only feel that everyone 40+ should take this simple product which can also be made at home. The proportions of the ingredients are very suitable.

Bikash Saikia

I got it for my mom dad, they are 67 and 72 years old. They have been using it regularly and they are very happy with the benefits. Thank seniority.

Revathi Kumar

My father-in-law using ZERO BLOCK since 2 years, Now he is start taking ZERO BLOCK X, more effective but both are the warrior to protect heart and body from diseases.

Devesh Shri

This is the third bottle I am using, of ZERO BLOCK and I was waiting for the right time and right words to describe my experience. So, here we go.

I am 31 and really concerned about my heart health after hearing recent cases. Due to a hectic schedule, I am unable to focus on my exercise routine and diet patterns. One of my close cousin suggested me ZERO BLOCK, a few months back. I studied about it thoroughly and then started taking. I got my lipids done before taking this as well. By god’s grace, I was not in much of a bad shape but still near border. ZERO BLOCK not only helped in maintaining those figures but supported in regularization of activities and performance. Glad to recommend this to everyone in mid-age to set a healthier tomorrow.

Madhur & Kritika

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